Michael Rakai, 34, has been convicted of assaulting a man and woman with bear spray, and was also found guilty on other charges from an incident in April.  

Rakai, who is also known as 'Hatchet,' took the stand in his own defence on Thursday. It was the second day of proceedings in provincial court.

He told the court there was 'bad blood' between himself and William Jordan, and that things came to a head last April.

Rakai said he learned that Jordan was coming after him with a baseball bat and said it made him "ripping mad."

"I got my bear mace and hatchet, so if they were going to attack me, I could defend myself."

Crown Prosecutor Shawn Patten asked Rakai why he didn't call the police.

"I'm from Regina, Saskatchewan. We don't call the police," said Rakai. 

Rakai admits he went to Jordan's home on Merrymeeting Road to confront him, and called for him to come out of the house. 

"He swung (the bat). I hit him with the mace. He swung wildly. I hit him with the mace again, and swung the hatchet," Rakai said.

Rakai admits he followed, as Jordan's partner yelled to him to get in the house. 

He said he fired off the bear mace again in their general direction, and after they got inside, he smashed a pane of glass, and took the hatchet to railings on the porch.

Judge David Orr said even if Jordan had a bat, Rakia was excessive in defending himself with bear spray and a hatchet.

Orr said he believed Rakia deliberately bear sprayed Jordan's partner. 

'I'm from Regina, Saskatchewan. We don't call the police' - Michael Rakai 

The judge said Rakai had other options — he could have called the police, or stopped the confrontation, but chose not to.

He found Rakai guilty of two counts of assault with bear spray, damaging property and possessing dangerous weapons.

When Rakai was originally arrested, he was released on conditions to keep the peace and to report to police three times a week. Because he didn't breach those conditions, Rakai wasn't taken into custody. 

He remains on those conditions and will be sentenced Mar. 10.