Some people in the Trinity North area blame their local MHA for not doing enough to keep Catalina Elementary open, particularly as public pressure has influenced a change in plans for two other schools.

The Eastern School District still plans to close Catalina Elementary school, although it has changed its course on schools in Swift Current and in Colliers.  


Bonavista South MHA Glen Little says he has been working hard for parents of children at Catalina Elementary. (House of assembly)

Cindy Cotter, one of the members of the Catalina Elementary school council, said the effort to keep the school open could use some political help.

She said in Swift Current's case, the community's Tory MHA, Calvin Peach, has spoken out against the closure proposal. Cotter said in Bonavista South MHA Glen Little hasn't fought for the cause in Catalina.

"What it comes down to [is that] it may come down to their MHA speaking up for them more than ours is speaking up for us," Cotter said.

Little, a Progressive Conservative who was elected in the 2011 election, insists he is doing what he can.

"I'll continue to work hard on this file on behalf of the people of Trinity Bay North in particular," Little told CBC News.

Michelle Lodge, another parent with a child at the Catalina school, said she can't believe that their arguments to keep it open have fallen on deaf ears.

She said, though, that the community will not give up.

"Why did they do it for Swift Current and not for us?" she asked.

The school board will vote on its revised plans for five rural schools on Dec. 13.