MHA accused of swearing at protester

Keith Russell is in hot water again following a comment that a protester claims he made on Friday.

Protester claims Keith Russell swore at her before Friday's announcement of a federal loan guarantee for Muskrat Falls

MHA Keith Russell is accused of swearing at a Muskrat Falls protester, reports Peter Cowan 2:12

MHA Keith Russell is in hot water again following a comment that a protester claims he made on Friday.

Linda Cull said the confrontation with the Tory member for Lake Melville happened outside the 5 Wing Goose Bay military base as Russell was driving to the Muskrat Falls federal loan guarantee announcement.

About 20 protesters were outside the gate to show their disapproval of the hydro project.

Cull said she saw Russell in the lineup to enter the base, and went over to his car. She said she asked him why he wasn't speaking up for his constituents who are opposed to the Muskrat Falls deal.

She said that's when he swore at her.

"He told me several times to 'F' myself," she said. "It was more than once; it was very, very, very upsetting."

Others in the car have denied Russell swore, but Cull is standing by what she said she heard.

She also admitted that she may have swore back at him because of her anger over his comments.

Recurring issue

This isn't the first time Russell has been in trouble for something he said. Last month, Russell was suspended as a minor hockey coach for berating referees.

Premier Kathy Dunderdale reprimanded him for that, and for earlier calling spiritual beliefs around Muskrat Falls "mumbo jumbo."

Cull said it's time Russell dealt with his anger issues.

"He's got a problem that needs fixing. I truly believe it's anger management he needs or something along that lines," she said.

Russell told CBC News he had no comment on the incident as he headed into the House of Assembly on Monday afternoon.