A Metrobus slid into a pole holding a traffic light and street sign on Elizabeth Avenue in St. John's. (Zach Goudie/CBC)

A morning snowfall may have contributed to traffic accidents in the St. John's area on Monday morning, including a collision that saw a Metrobus take out a traffic light.

The Metrobus was travelling on Elizabeth Avenue when the driver tried to stop at a red light at the New Cove Road intersection.

The bus, though, slid ahead and collided with a pole holding a traffic light.

The force of the impact sent the light crashing into the street, and the large steel pole stretched across New Cove Road.

No one was injured in the collision, and the bus was carrying no passengers at the time of the collision.

Slippery road conditions were also involved in a three-car collision on Carpasian Road in St. John's and another near the Bell Island ferry terminal in Portugal Cove-St. Philips.

The collisions happened during a brief period that saw snow fall quickly in the area, making driving conditions difficult. The snowfall, though, ended as quickly as it had arrived.