Just in time for the weekend, another winter storm is on its way to much of Newfoundland Friday afternoon.

On Thursday, Environment Canada issued a winter storm watch for central Newfoundland and the Bonavista Peninsula as well for the Burgeo and Deer Lake areas. 

A special weather statement was also been issued for the Avalon and Burin peninsulas, as well as for Corner Brook and Bay St. George.

'There's probably going to be some problems at the airports.' - Meteorologist Brian Owsiak

"We're feeling now that it is going to cross over the Avalon, so what we expect from that is quite a bit of heavy snow and some strong winds and some blowing snow," said Brian Owsiak, a meteorologist with the Gander weather office.

"At this point it looks like the heaviest snow is going to be through central areas kind of later Friday."

While it's too early to predict exact snowfall amounts, Owsiak said central areas, including Gander and Grand Falls-Windsor, can expect anywhere from 15 to 25 centimetres of snow to fall through Friday night.

Expect travel woes

For St. John's and surrounding area, Owsiak said a period of heavy snow with amounts between 15 and 20 centimetres is expected before switching to rain.

"The winds are definitely going to pick up out of the northeast and the north, could be anywhere from 50 gusting to 70, maybe gusting a bit higher than that. Friday night looks to be the worst for those, so when the snow's coming down heavy it's not going to be too nice out there," said Owsiak.

"It's one of those systems where the snow's going to be heavy and there's probably going to be some problems at the airports."

The Burin Peninsula should expect snowfall similar to the Avalon, starting with heavy snow later on Friday, but the temperatures aren't expected to rise.

"It should go through a period of maybe some showers, that sort of thing, before going over to a little bit of light snow again on Saturday," Owsiak said.

"The snow along the northeast coast could last quite a bit through Saturday, so it's going to be an extended period of some wintry weather up there."

Snoddon says storm is still on track

On Thursday afternoon, CBC meteorologist Ryan Snoddon provided a weather update.

He said the storm is still expected to hit parts of the province on Friday, and while the heaviest snow remains set for central Newfoundland, a moderate snowfall is likely for western Newfoundland. 

On the Avalon and Burin peninsulas, Snoddon said snowfall amounts on Friday will be mixed with ice pellets and freezing rain, making for a messy situation by Saturday morning. 

High winds in the 80 to 100 km/h range are also expected Friday, said Snoddon.

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