A woman from Newfoundland's Southern Shore who graduated from Memorial University in 1960 will be back in St. John's on Saturday for the President's Gold Celebration.

Clotilda O'Brien, from Cape Broyle, turned 100 years old in April, and is celebrating another milestone this weekend.

O'Brien returned to the campus, along with 100 other graduates of over 50 years, as part of Memorial University's Reunion 2013.

She first attended the school when it was located on Parade Street.

"It was strange at first for a country girl to leave and go in to the university, but it was refreshing and spacious and the professors were nice," O'Brien said.

"I had a few friends there and the professors were nice and I got along pretty good. There weren't many students there then, though, at that time."

According to O'Brien, she wasn't the best student but she put in a lot of work.

"I was no bright scholar, you know, but I made it, and that's the main thing," she said.

O'Brien majored in English and history, and was a teacher for 38 years after graduating.