The new trustees of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School district met this weekend to begin the process of combining four English school boards into one.

School District CEO and Director of Education Darrin Pike said the goal is to have all English schools in the province operating together under the same framework.

"We will consolidate our resources, focus the entire province on our goals, you know our literacy, numeracy, those kind of things," Pike told CBC News.

"It's all about coming together as one province and one school district and making a focused effort on student achievement and improvement. 

On Saturday the trustees elected the new executive of the board of trustees. Former Eastern School district chair Milton Peach was elected as chair, while Goronwy Price, previously with the Labrador district, will sit as vice-chair. 

Guy Elliot, Nada Borden, John George and Eric Snow were chosen from each region as executive members of the new board.