Two kittens were rescued by chance at the St. John's waste processing centre, just before the van they were in was about to be crushed.


Robin and Hoodie are the names that have been given to two kittens found at the Robin Hood Bay waste handling centre. (City of St. John's)

The humane services department at the City of St. John's said the two kittens were "quite dehydrated and underweight" when they were found at the recycling centre at Robin Hood Bay.

They were inside a van that was being taken apart before it could be crushed.

Staff named the kittens Robin and Hoodie in light of where they were found.

"The City has no idea how these black balls of fur ended up there, but we suspect they were born in the area and the mother had been using the abandoned vehicle for shelter," staff said in a statement.

Both of the kittens are available for adoption. Coun. Sheilagh O'Leary said residents are encouraged to adopt any of the animals at the city's shelter on Higgins Line.