A school bus driver in Conception Bay South says so many motorists have broken the law surrounding his vehicle that he's collected their licence plate numbers and turned them over to the police.

Joe Pilgrim, who drives a school bus as part of the Parsons and Sons fleet, said he frequently sees cars pull past him even though he has stopped his bus and its lights are flashing.

"Everybody is in a mad tear going nowhere," he said.

Stop sign on school bus


"I've seen instances where people have passed me [and then] two blocks up the highway they turn off .... They're not going anywhere in a hurry, just to get past a school bus."

Pilgrim last week took the licence plate numbers of 12 vehicles that illegally passed his bus to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

Pilgrim said he could have given police many other numbers, but the drivers were going too fast for him to get their numbers accurately.

Company owner Terry Parsons said there is a growing attitude problem with many drivers.

"They see a school bus as an obstacle," he told CBC News. "It's epidemic in Conception Bay South, but it's everywhere."

Parsons added that distractions, such as cellphone use, have made roads less safe.