The new minister of natural resources says now that Muskrat Falls has been given the green light, two of his top priorities will be forest and agriculture.

Tom Marshall said that he will be turning his attention to issues such as the closed paper mill in Grand Falls-Windsor.

He said that the province still has half of AbitibiBowater's wood supply to offer any potential buyers.

"We'll see what the proposals are," he said. "We're looking for employment, we're looking for economic development — economic growth — and we're looking for proposals that are viable and that make sense."

Marshall said that government is not interested in a buyer who does not plan to operate in the province long-term.

"We're not just interested in people who are just coming and looking for a pile of money from the provincial government and will then operate and leave," Marshall said.

"We want something that's sustainable and viable."

Marshall moved to natural resources from finance on Jan. 16, in a shuffle that saw him swap posts with Jerome Kennedy.

Marshall has already announced that he will not run in the next provincial election, in 2015.