Margaret Atwood on touring the coastline … and 'horse sax'

See Zach Goudie chat with the renowned author to get her impression of touring Newfoundland and Labrador via cruise ship and share a joke about "horse sax."
Author Margaret Atwood onboard a cruise celebrating the 20th anniversary of Adventure Canada 2:44

Long before the giants of the cruise industry discovered Newfoundland and Labrador, Adventure Canada plied its waters, bringing a different kind of tourism to the province.

Now, the tour company is celebrating 20 years of visits to the province. It received the rarely-given Freedom of the Seaport from the City of St. John's on the weekend.

Experts on local history, geology and wildlife are part of the crew, including world-famous author and keen birder Margaret Atwood.

Watch the video to see the CBC's ZachGoudie chatting with the renowned author to get her impression of the province via cruise ship, and share a joke about "horse sax."