Marble Mountain will be opening 90 per cent of its runs this weekend.

The hills are now covered with snow, after more than 50 centimetres fell in Corner Brook over the last few weeks.

But according to local rider Yvan Roy-Sutherland, it wasn't looking so good for a while.

"It was pretty grim," he said. "It was a while before they got open, and then Mother Nature pulled through and gave us all kinds of this beautiful white stuff falling from the sky."

Chris Beckett, general manager of Marble Mountain, said he had hoped to have the hill opened for Boxing Day.

But after December mixed with rain, that ambition was swept away.

The hill opened for New Year's Eve, and the season has started looking better.

"It's setting up really good, as a matter of fact we are going to open all of our lifts for this coming weekend," Beckett said.

All but two of the runs at the facility will be open Saturday.