The owners of a St. John's bakery are trying to cope with the aftermath of a car accident that caused damage to the building.

On New Year's Eve, a customer of Manna Bakery accidentally drove his car into the front of the building.

Manna's vice-president John Rusted said it was lucky no one was injured.

However, damage to the building was extensive — both outside and inside.

"[There is] a hole the size of a Toyota Matrix in the wall, and when I went on into the building the damage was right there on my left," Rusted said.

"You could see the whole room as just shifted and the gyprock was off the walls and the ceiling tiles all buckled up."

Rusted said there have been delays in repairing the damage because there are three different insurance companies involved.

However, he hopes to have the bakery operating normally sometime this week.