A Newfoundland man who rapped an apology in court to the teenaged victim he put in a coma will serve two years in jail for the brutal assault.

Matthew King, 22, beat a 16-year-old boy so badly in August that he fractured the young man's skull and face and caused bleeding on the brain.

Last week, King — an aspiring performer — rapped an apology to the teen during an appearance in court.

But Newfoundland and Labrador provincial court Judge Greg Brown was not impressed with King’s way of expressing remorse for the crime.

In court Wednesday, Brown said King’s "manner of presentation" took him by surprise.

'He failed to show empathy and remorse for the victim. It struck me as self-centred and egocentric.' —Judge Greg Brown

The style of music was "aggressive," according to the judge.

"He failed to show empathy and remorse for the victim," said Brown.

"It struck me as self-centred and egocentric."

The victim saw a doctor Wednesday morning who deemed the injuries not quite severe enough to warrant aggravated assault charges.

However, the judge decided the degree of beating warranted the maximum sentence for each of the charges, with credit for two months served. 

"What may have started as a fight between rapidly turned into a beating — a serious beating," Brown said.

"The degree of the beating puts it at the upper range of assault causing bodily harm."

Drank 24 beer before assault

King, an admitted alcoholic, drank two dozen beer before he attacked the boy.

The teen victim was in hospital for two weeks. He has lost his sense of smell, has memory trouble, and his vision has been damaged.

King pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm. He also pleaded guilty to earlier charges of impaired driving, leaving the scene of an accident to escape, and two breaches of probation.

At the end of the sentencing, the judge told King that given his young age and intelligence, it will not be too late to make a fresh start after prison.

"Don't waste it," Brown said.