Man unlawfully at large sentenced to 45 days

Judge James Walsh sided with the Crown and sentenced a man with a lengthy criminal record to 45 days jail time.
Robert Pitcher, 31, was sentenced in provincial court on Thursday. (CBC)

A judge in St. John's sided with the prosecutor when he sentenced a man in provincial court on Thursday.

Robert Pitcher, 31, had pleaded guilty to being unlawfully at large. 

Last month, Pitcher failed to arrive for curfew one night at a half-way house.  He was finishing a sentence for some incidents of break and entry.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary set up a surveillance team to track Pitcher down, which they did six days later.

Crown prosecutor Dana Sullivan reminded the court of Pitcher's lengthy record, including 29 convictions for breaching court orders and probation.

Sullivan recommended a sentence of 45 days straight time.

However Pitcher's lawyer, Stephen Orr, suggested a 30-day sentence to be served on weekends. 

Judge James Walsh sided with the Crown.

Walsh felt that given Pitcher's lack of respect for court orders, and the fact that he was on the run for six days, giving him a sentence to serve on weekends would put the system of justice in disrepute.

Walsh sentenced Pitcher to 45 days.