Police said the situation leading to a lockdown of the hospital in Old Perlican was resolved when a man was taken into custody on Wednesday afternoon.

Cpl. Richard Marshall with the Trinity Conception RCMP said the man was apprehended in Sibley's Cove around 2:30 p.m. 

Marshall said the man will be sent for a psychiatric assessment.

The investigation is ongoing, and there's no word yet on if charges will be laid.

RCMP said there is no continued risk in the community.

Hospital was locked down

Marshall said that around 11 a.m., threats were made against staff at the Dr. A.A. Wilkinson Memorial Health Centre in Old Perlican.

The man allegedly made threats to obtain a firearm, and he referenced last week's fatal shootings of three police officers in Moncton

The threat prompted police to secure the hospital, and RCMP officers remained on the scene to ensure the continued safety.

Marshall said there were about 10 uniformed and plain-clothed police officers at the scene, as well as a police dog.

RCMP were looking for one person in relation to the threat, who they believed to be unarmed.

Marshall said the RCMP considered the risk to be high.

With the exception of emergencies, the health centre was closed to the general public in the afternoon. Patients were otherwise advised to visit Carbonear General Hospital.

Newfoundland and Labrador English School District spokesperson Ken Morrissey said nearby Baccalieu Collegiate was secured, but students were dismissed early in co-ordination with the RCMP due to "incident in proximity."