A St. John's court heard an unusual charge on the docket Thursday — 'unlawfully allowing companion animal or livestock to become a hazard.' 

Back in April, a couple in Witless Bay was out walking their companion animals, two dachshunds, both on leash. 

A large unleashed black dog came running at the two animals and started to maul one of them. 

The court was told the dog suffered severe injuries and needed three hours of surgery, required 42 stitches and several draining tubes.   

The surgery cost $800. 

Roger Williams of Witless Bay, the owner of the attacking dog, was not in court on Thursday. His lawyer entered a guilty plea on his behalf.  

Judge David Orr was told that Williams suffers from seizures, which contributed to him not being able to control his dog. 

He was also told that Williams paid for the operation costs.  

The Crown and defence gave a joint submission on sentencing which was accepted by Orr. Part of it was a $500 fine.

The other part of the sentence was considered to be unusual. 

Because of his seizures, Williams, 48, is no longer allowed to walk his dog on his own.  

If he wants to take the dog out, someone else has to be in control of the animal.