A man who was attacked by another man inside a downtown St. John's home Wednesday is still in hospital listed in serious condition.

Police spent much of yesterday gathering evidence, after a man was severely beaten in a house on Tessier Place, near St. John's city hall. Neighbours believe the house is at the centre of the illegal drug trade.


Neighbour Margie Hutchings says she's become very afraid living on Tessier Place. (CBC)

Neighbour Margie Hutchings said the man who lives in the house showed up on her doorstep around 10:30 on Wednesday morning.

"He asked me to call the ambulance," said Hutchings. "I said what's wrong. I thought he was sick. He said, 'no, I just [came] home, open my door and there was a man by my stairs covered in blood.' That's all he told me."

Bob Hutchings said they took the victim off on a stretcher.

"He was coated in blood. All I could see was his two hands were tied, and he was just lying on the stretcher like this and just barely looking," said Hutchings. "They took him off in the ambulance. He was in a hard state when I seen him when they took him out of the house yesterday."


Bob Hutchings says Tessier Place was a quiet neighbourhood until the tenants at #8 moved in two years ago. (CBC)

Hutchings said this was a quiet neighbourhood until the tenants at 8 Tessier Place moved in two years ago.

"I think that place over there should be shut down. Apparently it's on the go there 24-7. Six o'clock in the morning until six o'clock the next morning. Girls coming down from the streets and working the streets and that, they goes back and forth there. Gotta keep my door locked here 24-7."

So far the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary has not made an arrest, but they remain at the crime scene.