Man pleads guilty to violent rampage on Bell Island

One of the men who went on a rampage - smashing and looting on Bell Island at the end of August - has pleaded guilty.
Wayne Boone pleaed guilty to seven charges including assault with a weapon and damaging St. Agustine's Elementary on Tuesday. (CBC)

One of the men who went on a violent rampage, smashing and looting on Bell Island at the end of August, has pleaded guilty.

One of the homes damaged on Bell Island during the August rampage. (CBC)

Wayne Boone, 19, pleaded guilty to seven charges in connection with the ruckus, including assault with a weapon, assault with a piece of lumber, assault with intent to steal, and to damaging St. Augustine's Elementary.

People on Bell Island were shocked with the August 30, 2012 incident in which two young men went on a crime spree in the West Mines area, assaulting half a dozen people and damaging several homes and vehicles.

Crown prosecutor Ian Hollett has tentatively withdraw seven other charges against Boone. His next court date is in December when it's expected the Crown and defence will make submissions on sentencing.

The other man charged in the smashing spree is 20-year-old Christian Jenkins. He expected to enter pleas on Thursday.

Both men are from Bell Island and have previous criminal records.