Gerald Pike has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl twice outside The Rooms in St. John's in October 2012.

An agreed statement of facts said the girl first noticed Pike, 46, following her as she passed the Tim Hortons on Harvey Road on the night of Oct. 16, and she made a detour through the parking lot of The Rooms.

Near a grassy area, Pike ran, grabbed her, and sexually assaulted her. Pike choked the girl and put his fingers in her mouth to stop her from screaming.

During the attack, the teen was able to dial 911 several times, which resulted in part of the assault being recorded by the police.

Second attack recorded on surveillance video

Pike offered the girl $50 to go home with him. She refused. He told her she "loved it."


The second attack on the teen was recorded by surveillance cameras positioned outside The Rooms. (CBC)

She asked him to let her go to the Tim Horton's to use the washroom.

But instead of heading straight there, Pike sexually assaulted the teen again, against a railing on the steps of The Rooms.

That assault was caught on surveillance video.

After the second assault, they went to Tim Hortons. When Pike went out of the building to have a cigarette, the girl got the staff to call the police.

By the time police arrived, Pike had fled.

Police later tracked down Pike through the surveillance video from The Rooms.

Long criminal record

Pike has a long criminal record, including two previous sexual assaults, and he was known to the police.

He was out on probation for one of those previous assaults at the time of the October attack.

He first denied attacking the 16 year old, but ultimately identified himself on the video.

As the details of the assaults were read out, the girl's mother broke down crying and left the courtroom.

The crown is attempting to have Pike designated as a dangerous offender, which would mean Pike would receive an indefinite sentence or as a long-term offender, which would require Pike to be under supervision for 10 years after completing his sentence.

Pike has been sent for a thorough psychiatric examination, and is due back in court in May.