Joe English, 51, has been identied as the man who was killed when an eastbound SUV ran into a group of men working on the Outer Ring Road at about 1 PM on Tuesday afternoon. 

English was a provincial government engineer who was part of a team looking to improve driving conditions on the Outer Ring Road.

He and two other men were inspecting the asphalt on the highway near the Thorburn Road interchange when police suspect the driver of a Sport Utility Vehicle lost control and veered off the highway, striking the three men.

English died at the scene.

The vehicle is slated for a full mechanical inspection. The driver was unhurt, but extremely shaken.

Meanwhile, two other men injured in the accident remain in hospital. One of them is a senior engineer with the City of St. John's. He broke several bones and may need a knee replacement.

St. John's Mayor Dennis O'Keefe got word of the accident within minutes of when it happened.

"As far as we were hearing, things weren't looking that good so that cast a pall over city hall,"  said O'Keefe.

The Mayor says the mood lifted when that employee called City Hall to apologize for losing his Blackberry in the accident.

"So, despite the tragedy that befell him, still as a city employee he was concerned in his own mind about city equipment."   

Many drivers have complained about rough pavement and deep ruts in the highway.

O'Keefe shares their concern.  He continues to be worried about conditions on the Outer Ring Road since it opened over a decade ago, even though crews have been trying to improve the pavement.

"We keep hearing reports over the years of accidents and the province has at different times stepped in and made alterations in the road," said O'Keefe, "but now we have another one so I guess that will require further analysis."