Man jailed for sex-related offences involving girls

A 22-year-old man from Benoit's Cove was sentenced Monday to just under two years in jail for sex-related offences and threats involving two young girls.

A 22-year-old man from Benoit's Cove was sentenced to just under two years in jail on Monday for sex offences and threats involving two young girls.

Tristan Quinn pleaded guilty last May to sexual interference, extortion, and two charges for child pornography.

The Crown and Quinn's defence lawyer made a joint submission for a sentence of two years less one day, plus two years' probation, which the judge granted.

In 2011, when Quinn was 19, he befriended a 14-year-old girl and offered her money if she texted him naked photos of herself.

The girl eventually sent him several photos of herself in her underwear.

Quinn later met the girl and her friend at a hangout near the Stream Trail in Corner Brook, where he gave them two flasks of spiced rum.

One of the girls drank about half of one of the bottles and went into the woods with Quinn, where she performed oral sex on Quinn.

The next day he asked for more photos, threatening to post the earlier ones online, and saying he'd tell others about their sexual encounter if she didn't comply.

He also started messaging the other girl on Facebook, asking her for naked pictures in exchange for money, but she said no.

Both girls went to the police, with Quinn offering them money if they wouldn't pursue criminal charges.

In court on Monday, Quinn apologized to the girls, saying he'll regret the incident for the rest of his life.