Man identified in Albany Street drug lab case

CBC News has learned more about a man who died three weeks after being taken from a home where police found what they believed to be a drug lab.
Police evacuated houses in the Albany Street area after a suspected drug lab was found in a home on the street. (CBC)

CBC News has learned more about a man who died three weeks after he was removed from a residence that housed a suspected drug lab.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary has confirmed that the man who was removed from 20 Albany Street and taken to hospital on Sept. 21, died on Oct. 7.

The RNC did not reveal the man's name, or say how he died.

But neighbours and an obituary in The Telegram newspaper identified him as Bryan Moores. He was in his early 40s and lived at the house on Albany Street with his parents.

Moores had diabetes and had experienced previous complications with the condition.

Responders saw chemicals in house

On Sept. 21, he was taken from his home to hospital. Responders said they saw chemicals inside the house and called the police.

The RNC said they found potentially explosive chemicals, and evacuated dozens of homes as a precaution.

Police confirm house was drug lab

Police later said the chemicals were consistent with a drug-manufacturing operation. But with Moores' death, they now say no charges will be laid in connection with the Albany Street investigation. 

The chemicals were sent to a Health Canada lab in Montreal for analysis, but the results are not back yet. Police have not commented on what types of drugs were believed to have been made in the house.

In an email, a police spokesperson said the RNC will release more information as it becomes available.