A St. John's man was arrested and charged Wednesday night with his third count of impaired driving following a vehicle collision.

A woman in a Toyota was headed east on Pitts Memorial Drive in Mount Pearl on Wednesday night when a pickup truck, headed in the wrong direction in the same lane, collided with her vehicle.

Police allege that Glenn Johnson, 41, was behind the wheel of the pickup truck.

Johnson has been charged with impaired driving, impaired over 80, and assaulting and resisting a police officer. He was also charged with driving while disqualified.

In June, Johnson lost his license for driving while impaired. It was his second conviction for drunk driving.

He also has a previous conviction from 2003.

Johnson was released from custody on Thursday on $3,500 bail. The court has ordered him not to drink alcohol or drive, and he must stick to a curfew.

He is due back in court at the end of January.