Police have confirmed that a man has died after a boat capsized near the Bell Island Lighthouse late Saturday morning.

The RCMP said the man was taking part in the food fishery.

He was one of three men from Bell Island who were in the same boat, and ended up in the water.

They were rescued by fishermen in nearby boats, and taken to the Portugal Cove ferry terminal, where they were rushed to hospital.

The conditions of the other two men who were aboard the vessel are still unknown.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.

Winds picked up, witness says

A witness said the three men on the boat weren't wearing personal flotation devices when the vessel capsized.

John Boland said he was fishing near where the boat capsized, when the weather suddenly turned and the wind picked up. He then decided to head back in to shore.

Boland said while he wasn't on the scene when the boat capsized, he knew something had happened.

"We were only halfway in and the ship-to-shore radio started talking back and forth, and we knew there was something wrong," he said.

Boland said he isn't sure which vessel capsized, but was told by another person on the scene that it was a smaller craft.