A man charged with killing a motorcyclist while driving drunk wants the court to permit him to get his drivers' licence back.

Ronald Thistle, 65, has been charged with impaired driving and impaired driving causing death in connection with a collision with a motorcyclist on Kenmount Road in St. John's on Aug. 16.

Police said Thistle was drunk when he pulled his truck onto Kenmount Road from Polina Road, at the same time motorcyclist Nicholas Coates was driving east on Kenmount Road.

Coates, 27, struck the back of Thistle's truck and later succumbed to his injuries in hospital.

Thistle was not in provincial court Friday morning when his lawyer, Bob Simmonds, asked the court for a hearing to make arguments against one of the Crown's proposals.

The Crown wants Thistle's licence to remain suspended for the duration of Thistle's court proceedings.

Thistle's licence has been suspended only for 90 days.

Simmonds and the Crown will argue over the matter in court later in September.

The Coates family was present in court, and was visibly upset during the proceedings.