A 34-year-old St. John's man is on trial in provincial court, accused of bear spraying two people, attacking one with a hatchet and assaulting their daughter. 

Michael Rakai is also known as 'Hatchet.' 

The court was told on Wednesday that Rakai came to the home of William Jordan on Merrymeeting Road last April, and called for Jordan to come outside.

Jordan and his partner both testified that Rakai was screaming and threatening to damage the home. 

Jordan said he came out of the house, when Rakai bear sprayed him twice. He said the burning sensation was so bad, he had to take two days off work.

Merrymeeting Road house

The home of William Jordan and his partner on Merrymeeting Road in St. John's. (CBC)

Jordan's partner testified that when she saw what had happened, she left the house to get Jordan back inside, and Rakai came at her, swinging a hatchet. 

She said she was able to get out of the way until Rakai bear sprayed her.

"I couldn't see, couldn't breathe. My body felt like it was on fire," she told the court.

Earlier that evening, Jordan said Rakai had punched their 16-year-old daughter.

The daughter told the court that the accused never really assaulted her, but that he might have "pushed her out of the way." That's in sharp contrast to what the girl told police in April, that Rakai punched her in the chest twice and once in the stomach with an open fist.

Rakai is also alleged to have smashed a pane of glass inside the home, and damaged the front pailings on the porch.

Jordan said the incident in April stemmed from an issue that occurred last January, "Where we got the best of him."
He did not elaborate. 

Rakai has a short criminal record for assault, fraud and possessing property obtained by crime.

The trial continues on Thursday.