Weather permitting, a large section of downtown Corner Brook will undergo a makeover. 

The Majestic Lawn has been torn up for a couple of years, while the city replaced a collapsed storm sewer.

Mayor Charles Pender said culverts have been replaced, and now the contractor is concluding work on new parking spots along two city streets.

Pender said new sod will be laid on the lawn, and the pathways will be redone.

Corner Brook Mayor Charles Pender

Corner Brook Mayor Charles Pender says most of the repair work on the Majestic Lawn will take place this fall. (CBC)

"It had to be done because of the infrastructure that had to be repaired," said Pender.

"Now that we have the opportunity to put it back, we're going to try to do it as quickly as we can, and add some improvements ... put in some of the trees that were removed, replace those. You know, in a few years, when it all grows back in, it will look much better than it did before." 

Pender said most of the work should happen this fall, but the finishing touches will have to wait until next spring.