More than 130 vehicles paraded through Labrador West on Tuesday evening, as part of Mothers Against Drunk Driving's annual motorcade.

It's the 25th year that the local MADD chapter has hosted the event in the town.

Drivers decorated their cars and trucks with red balloons and ribbons, and honked their horns as they snaked through Lab West.

Event organizer Josephine Gaulten-Rowe said it's an opportunity to honour those who have been killed by drunk drivers, and to also remind the public about the dangers of driving while impaired.

MADD event organizer Josephine Gaulten-Rowe

Organizer Josephine Gaulten-Rowe said the motorcade is a public awareness event that also honours those who have been killed by drunk drivers. (CBC)

"It's just awesome to see that everybody is so concerned with the impaired driving issue that they come out and support the motorcade," she said.

Gaulten-Rowe said she has mixed emotions about the event's attendance.

"It's unfortunate that we see them here, having been affected by impaired driving," she said. 

"But on the other hand, it's good to see them here that they're examples that it does happen to people like you and me, it happens in our community, and we need to be always fighting and bringing the point across to people that it's just not acceptable."

Gaulten-Rowe said it's important to get the message out about the dangers of drunk driving.

"It offends me when people call it an accident, because it is a choice. And if there is an incident that's done, caused by impaired driving — it's a crash," she said.