Lyubov Orlova's sister ship gets kinder welcome in harbour

The sister ship of a derelict Russian cruise ship arrived in port at St. John's on Wednesday.
The sister ship of the Lyubov Orlova docked in St. John's harbour on Wednesday. (CBC)

The sister ship of a derelict Russian cruise ship arrived in port at St. John's harbour on Wednesday. 

The MV Sea Adventurer made many in St. John's do a double take because its sister ship, the Lyubov Orlova, was tied up and listing in port for more than two years.
The infamous Orlova was abandoned in St. John's harbour in 2010. The ship left for a scrap yard in the Dominican Republic in January 2013.

The Orlova became a ghost ship when the tow line broke and it was set adrift in international waters.
The Sea Adventurer — a cruise ship that operates in mainly polar regions — was scheduled to depart from St. John's hours after its arrival, but as of Thursday morning it was still here. 

A spokesperson for the city of St. John's said the vessel stayed an extra day for very routine maintenance, but CBC News spotted welders working on the bow of the ship Wednesday night.

Mayor Dennis O'Keefe said unlike her Orlova relative, the Sea Adventurer's stay is a welcome one. 

"People who are travelling are coming in a few days early, renting cars, staying in hotels and so on," O'Keefe said. 

"The economic value of a ship this size is as great if not greater than some of the larger ones we see here in the harbour."

O'Keefe said his only hope is that the ship's stay isn't too extended. 

The Sea Adventurer is expected to leave St. John's Thursday afternoon. 


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