NDP leader Lorraine Michael is flanked by supporters as she announces a petition to end the province's taxing of home heating. (CBC)

Newfoundland and Labrador's New Democrats have launched a campaign to have the province remove its portion of the harmonized sales tax on all forms of home heat.

The party launched a petition in St. John's on Friday morning, saying it will be part of their election platform during the fall provincial campaign. The party has been lobbying for the move for years.

"The NDP puts people first, not oil companies, not Rolls Royce, not power companies or mining giants, people first. Will the PC government listen? Will they care? We'll find out," said NDP leader Lorraine Michael.

Michael said removing the tax would cost the government $38 million in revenue, one she said the government can afford to lose. St. John's resident Judy Gibson said the tax is squeezing her financially.  

"All of our income goes out every month, there isn't extra so the difference is if the cost is going up, which it is and medical bills are going up because of this health condition, then where do you turn?" asked Gibson.

She and her husband John, who've signed the petition, said the winter months are the hardest to endure.

"On our income bracket, we survive on our pensions. We think its very unfair that there is a tax on something that we can't avoid using and that is fuel and gas," said Gibson.