Tory backbencher Keith Russell, who has already sparked three separate controversies for his comments, has found himself in trouble again, this time for remarks in the house of assembly about Liberal Yvonne Jones.

Russell, who represents Lake Melville, was found in contempt Thursday for how he described Jones during a filibuster on Muskrat Falls.

"What you have, Mr. Speaker, in this theatre over here, that is the member for Cartwright-L'Anse au Clair, is nothing more than a washed-up actress, honey, I tell you that," said Russell.

He continued, "The last time at the Relay for Life up in Goose Bay, who was the one that would seek me out and give me the big sloppy wet kiss right in front of everybody, Mr. Speaker? That was the honourable member for Cartwright-L'Anse au Clair."

Speaker Ross Wiseman ruled that the comments were offensive to women and to the house.

Wiseman ordered Russell to withdraw the remarks, and to meet with him to make sure he understands the code of conduct for MHAs.

Jones says premier has apologized

Meanwhile, Jones says the premier apologized to her on Friday morning for Keith Russell's comments.

She said Russell's actions are not reflective of Kathy Dunderdale as an individual, but could taint the party as a whole.

"How can you continue to have an individual serve in your caucus who's been so degrading to women and sexist to women when you're a female premier?" Jones said.

"I think we've come to a point where that issue has to get dealt with."

The premier refused to comment today when approached by the media.

Russell is no stranger to controversy

Russell, a rookie MHA who was elected in last year's election, has sparked several controversies in just the last few months.

In September, he described the spiritual beliefs of people opposed to Muskrat Falls as "mumbo jumbo," an incident that drew fire from across party lines, including from Premier Kathy Dunderdale. Russell apologized days later for the remarks.

In November, Russell was suspended as a minor league hockey coach because he used foul language during a hockey tournament in Labrador City. Russell's behaviour was strong enough that he needed to be escorted from the arena.

In late November, a protester outside the signing of the Muskrat Falls loan guarantee term sheet claimed that Russell swore at her several times during a confrontation.

Russell's remarks were not the only ones to cause controversy during a filibuster that began Tuesday afternoon over Bill 60 and Bill 61, two pieces of legislation that will enable the Muskrat Falls megaproject.

On Wednesday, Natural Resources Minister Jerome Kennedy skated on thin ice with Deputy Speaker Glenn Littlejohn over his description of an MHA as a "fool." Kennedy only made an unequivocal move to withdraw the remarks upon being told that he faced being asked to leave.