A longliner was destroyed by fire in Glovertown on Thursday, in a blaze so powerful it needed to be towed away from the wharf. 

The Bonavista-based Lorne & Cathy caught fire while it was tied up at the Glovertown shipyard wharf.

Owner Ralph Rose said it appears the fire started in the engine room of the 65-foot vessel. 

The Glovertown fire department could not get the blaze under control, so officials decided to move it away from the other boats and let it burn in the harbour.

Fisherman Tim Feltham towed the Lorne & Cathy away from the dock. 

"There were some firemen out on the end of the wharf and they had a rope from the back of the boat," Feltham said.

"So then we threw our end of the rope in to them, and they tied it all together, and we backed out about 500 feet ... and then we pulled the boat clear of the wharf so that nothing would burn there," said Feltham

No one was injured in the incident.

The longliner was in Glovertown for a routine inspection.

With files from David Zelcer