Final school bells will be ringing across Newfoundland and Labrador this week, but that means one year closer to a possible permanent closure for Long Island Academy, in Notre Dame Bay.

The community's school only has two students in the system this year, and no signs of any more signing up.

Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett, a teacher at Long Island Academy, says the small class learning environment has its perks. (CBC)

Teacher Michael Barrett said while the atmosphere is different from most other schools, the staff and students don't let that get in the way of learning.

"You can really change course quickly if an idea pops into even one of the student's minds, it's really no problem to take the whole group in that direction and I think that leads to more interested learning, which is deeper learning," said Barrett.

Barrett, the school administrator and the two students start every day off with breakfast together.

Laura Oake, in Grade 9, said it's a great atmosphere for learning.

Laura Oake

Grade 9 student Laura Oake says the small learning environment, with her and just one other student, is a comfortable one. (CBC)

"It feels safe and everybody cares for one another, and it's kinda like home," she said.

Myles Oake, in Grade 11 and Laura's cousin, takes a combination of online courses and in-class curriculum.

He said the small class environment is well suited to him, and he can't imagine learning in any other school.

"I don't go well with crowds. If there was a crowd I used to just go over in the corner somewhere," he said.

"I know these people, these people I consider my friends and someone who I can trust."

Administrators said due to an aging population, the two students may be the last to work their way through the school.