The family of a man who died last year says it wants his belongings back from a UPS store in St. John's that suddenly closed its doors last week.

The operator of the UPS location on Pearson Street, in the city's east end, closed the store, and moved on to another job in Alberta.

Mae Kierans had taken her deceased father's most prized paperwork to the UPS store to make digital copies.

Her father, Tom Kierans, was a long-time engineer, whom many viewed as a visionary in the field.

His daughter had been handling his estate since his death, including overseeing the documents that his family considers precious.

But when she went to pick them up last week, she discovered that the business was shut down.

"I was stunned because I was making trips back and forth to that store for the past nine months," she said. 

Kierans said she had planned to donate those documents to Memorial University's archives.

"His McGill University engineering diploma, his certificates of associations he belonged to, and in particular, when he turned 100 last year, he received birthday greetings from the Queen and from the Pope," she said.

Kierans had asked the store to transfer the papers to a flash drive, but she was greeted with a sign when she went to pick them up last week.

"When I got to the door, I saw a sign that said, 'Store closed until further notice.'" she said. 

Kierans called UPS customer service, but got nowhere.

"They're irreplaceable, precious documents to my family, and they were destined to Memorial University," she said.

Store owner responds

CBC News contacted UPS, and store owner Doug Bryson has since been in touch with Kierans.

Bryson said she will be getting her father's documents back.

He also said anyone else who may be looking to collect their mail from the Pearson Street store should contact UPS customer service.