Local musician Larry Foley joins Sun Studio alumni

A Placentia musician joined the ranks of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley when he booked the birthplace of rock and roll to record his latest EP.
Larry Foley says recording at Sun Studio was an experience of a lifetime. (CBC)

As any dedicated musician knows, the studio becomes a second home during the process of making any album.

Now, local musician Larry Foley, from The Punters and Eight Track Favourites, can add his name to the list of musicians to cut a record at an iconic Memphis, Tennessee studio.

Sun Studio is billed as the birthplace of rock and roll, hosting at one point the likes of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Foley said he found out through a booking agent that the studio was available for bookings, and couldn't turn down the opportunity.
Sun Studio is billed as the birthplace of rock and roll, boasting Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley as some of the most iconic musicians to records at the site. (Contributed photo)

He said once he found out it was possible to actually book it out, there was no keeping him away from the place.

"I thought, gotta do that, got to do it. So we went there and, I have to say, it was the closest thing to a religious experience I've ever had," Foley said.

"It sort of defies logic and after a while it just becomes too much for your mind to handle when you are a fan of that stuff. I'm sure some people don't care, but for me it was just out of this world."

Foley recorded three songs in three hours, at $150 per hour, but he said the overall experience was well worth it.

"We went there in the daytime and you do the guided tour and they give you the low down on the place and the history of it, but if you go in there at night it sort of takes on a whole different [feel]. The real spooky, mythical kind of nature comes over the place," Foley said. 

"Once you get down to the business of recording a track you forget where you are for a minute … then, just for a second, you take your mind off that and you go like wow! Jerry Lee recorded right there or Roy Orbison."

Foley is back in St. John's, with his EP pressed and ready for sale, and one less item on his bucket list.