A non-profit group in St. John's that ran into some trouble with its name earlier this year has relaunched with a new title just in time for a big event.

Sandbox Gaming, once known as Goodwill Gaming, is a group that hosts video game marathons to fundraise money for local charities.


Jeff Smyth, a member of Sandbox Gaming, says the non-profit group finished the renaming process just in time for its charity gaming marathon. (CBC)

"As Goodwill Gaming, we existed for about two and a half years at that point ... we've done six charity marathons and we felt very solid about how we were standing and planning on growing bigger and bigger in the future," said Jeff Smyth, a member of the group.

However, Smyth said following the success of their last marathon game session, the group received a cease and desist letter from Goodwill Industries International, Inc., stating that the group would need to stop using the term 'Goodwill' in its name.

Smyth said after news covering about the naming issue, the group was contact by lawyer Kyle Rees, who volunteered to look at their case.

"The advice was that we should definitely not pursue using the name anymore. They were very serious about it, and we didn't want to cause any more trouble than there needed to be, so we decided to rebrand, rename and come back as our own entity," Smyth said.

According to Smyth, members of the group immediately started brainstorming how to rebrand the charity group and started research to find a name that would be conflict-free.

Sandbox Gaming will host its first gaming marathon under its new name starting this Friday.