A joint police force used search warrants Sunday to raid two different houses in the St. John's area, hauling in cocaine, a loaded handgun and cash and putting two men behind bars. 

The two men — one lives in St. John's, the other in Portugal Cove-St. Philip's — were taken into custody on multiple charges that included conspiracy to traffic in cocaine and possession for the purpose of trafficking. 

A statement from the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, which includes officers from the RCMP and the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, said the two men also face "multiple firearms and weapons offences, uttering threats to three different people including a police officer, and Intimidation of a police officer."

The two men are expected to appear in provincial court in St. John's on Monday. 

During the raid, police seized what was described as more than half a pound of cocaine, as well as $335,000 in cash.

Police also found a loaded 9-mm handgun in a vehicle they searched, as well as ammunition, a stun gun and a set of brass knuckles. 

A Toyota pickup truck was also seized during the operation. 

Police said the raid followed a six-month investigation into cocaine trafficking and money laundering.