Light poles replaced in Badger after storm

Two dozen light poles that toppled in last week's vicious snowstorm in Badger have been replaced.

Newfoundland Power crews continue cleanup

About 24 power lines have been replaced in Badger. Newfoundland Power crews remain in the town, performing clean-up. (CBC)

The light poles toppled in last week's snowstorm in Badger have been replaced.

On Thursday, the town declared a state of emergency after a vicious winter storm wreaked havoc, knocking down about two dozen light poles and the wires they were holding. 

Heavy snow and high winds knocked out heat and light and the town also lost its water supply. 

Newfoundland Power spokesperson Michelle Coughlan said repair work is not yet complete. 

"We are doing some, what I'd call tidying or cleanup work, but that does not impact our customers. So, we will still have some crews in the area doing that work, but for the most part all of the restoration's efforts are done," said Coughlan.

The large generator that gave the town temporary power will stay in the area for several weeks as a precautionary measure.