Lifejackets key to staying safe during food fishery

RCMP officers are reminding the public that they will be on the water monitoring boats during the food fishery.
Fisherman Harry Lee prepares cod fish caught on the first day of the 2012 food fishery. (CBC)

RCMP officers are reminding the public that they will be on the water monitoring boats during the food fishery.

Cpl. Greg Ford was checking up on boaters fishing near Foxtrap in Conception Bay South on Saturday, and said the importance of wearing a lifejacket can’t be underestimated. He said it's key to staying safe and preventing fatalities.

"That's probably the most important issue," he said. "Not just to have it but to actually wear it."

Ford talked about one man he found who took five minutes to find his lifejacket inside the boat.

Police said they’ll also be inspecting boats to make sure they are fit to be out on the water.

"They might have put it in the water this morning, but it hasn't been in the water since last year so it's no good to just take it and hope that your vessel is going to work," he said.

Fisherman Harry Lee said drinking and boating don't mix. CBC

Fisherman in Petty Harbour Saturday said they’re getting the message about staying safe.

"We're used to the water; we're at it all the time... just lifejackets, have some flares, don't be stupid, don't go out in the fog with no compass," said fisherman Harry Lee who was preparing some cod on the dock.

"It's just common sense," he said.