The Heart and Stroke Foundation is putting new equipment in Newfoundland and Labrador schools that could help save lives.
Students and teachers will soon have access to defibrillators across the province.

Heather Percy of the Heart and Stroke Foundation wants to make sure everyone has access to these machines, known as AEDs.

In cases of sudden cardiac arrest, Percy says defibrillation increases the chance of survival by 75 per cent.

"It's so important to have defibrillators in all public places," said Percy, because most cardiac arrest happens outside of hospitals. "It occurs in our homes, in our workplaces."


These life-saving defibrillators will soon be in schools across the province. (CBC)

She says that there are many youth who will benefit from access to this device.

Queen Elizabeth High School student Solange Kable, who has heart disease, said she used to worry about what would happen if she went into cardiac arrest at school.

She hopes never to have to use the life-saving machine, but takes comfort knowing that it will be at her school just in case.

"I feel much safer coming to school now," she said. "While we are waiting for an ambulance to come, there's a machine here that could save my life."