Multiple news outlets have reported rumours that Finance Minister Jerome Kennedy is considering resigning from cabinet, and the leader of the official Opposition says he isn't surprised.

Eddie Joyce, interim leader of the Liberal party, said he's been hearing the rumblings of discord in Confederation Building for some time.

"I've been hearing it for a while [that] Jerome Kennedy has not been happy at this government for a nice while," Joyce said.

Kennedy has held multiple portfolios within government since he was elected in 2007, including his current role as minister of finance and president of treasury board.

According to Joyce, disagreement between Kennedy and Premier Kathy Dunderdale over the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric mega-project is likely a big sticking point.


Rumours are circulating that Finance Minister Jerome Kennedy may be resigning from cabinet. (CBC)

"That's the words that we are hearing, is that Jerome Kennedy wanted to try to insulate the people of Newfoundland and Labrador from the escalating costs of Muskrat Falls, and he was shot down," Joyce said.

"I'm sure there's certain ideas that he wanted to bring in to help alleviate the cost of energy for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians that the premier herself said no, she's not going along with."

Joyce said the fact that the finance minister may be leaving demonstrates the lack of organization within government.

"When you've got the minister of finance rumoured to be leaving ... when we're in such a financial crisis, it don't bode well for this government," he said.

"And once again this falls back to the premier. But a lot of other cabinet ministers that are in there now [with the] decisions that they made — laying off all these 1,800 people, going ahead with Muskrat Falls with no market, bringing in Bill 29 so we can't see what's happening in Muskrat Falls — this is just another example of how the whole government is in a bunker mentality, and I see Jerome Kennedy now, he had enough of it."

Joyce added he believes there will be a cabinet shuffle soon, but he couldn't say when.

The premier said she will not be commenting on rumours of Kennedy's resignation.

Kennedy himself has not returned phone calls from CBC.