Liberals demanding bonus amounts paid to Tory bureaucrats

Liberal and opposition leader Dwight Ball wants to know how much was received in bonuses this fiscal year by Len Simms and Ross Reid.

The Liberal leader of the Newfoundland and Labrador Opposition is demanding details of how much two senior bureaucrats were paid this fiscal year under a recently discontinued bonus plan.

Liberal and Opposition Leader Dwight Ball wants to know how much money two high-profile civil servants received in bonuses this fiscal year. (CBC)

Dwight Ball said government should disclose how much Ross Reid and Len Simms earned from the program.

Simms is CEO of the Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation and Reid is the deputy minister responsible for the population growth strategy. Both have strong Tory ties, and stepped away from their jobs to work on the PC's election campaign in 2011.

During Tuesday's question period in the legislature, Premier Kathy Dunderdale responded to Ball's query and said that information is already available.

Len Simms is the CEO of Newfoundland and Labrador Housing. Liberal leader Dwight Ball wants to know what the bonus amount was for Simms and Ross Reid. (CBC )

"All ADMs have been eligible for a bonus, depending on their performance in the workplace, Mr. Speaker," said Dunderdale. "All of that is out there and transparent to the people of the province, Mr. Speaker. There's no secrecy."

CBC requested the bonus amounts for top civil servants in 2012, but the precise dollar figures were redacted under changes to the Access to Information law, passed last spring as Bill 29. The province did release a range of bonuses paid — from $2,700 to more than $17,000 — with an average bonus at about $9,200.

Government said it will release a range of how much executives were paid, and the premier said that is transparent enough.