Paul Antle has promised to repeal Bill 29 if he leads the Liberals to victory in the next Newfoundland and Labrador election.

The St. John's businessman, one of five candidates for the Liberal leadership, attacked Bill 29 as the most regressive law ever passed in the province while announcing his platform on Monday.

"Bill 29 has given this government a shroud of secrecy to hide behind," said Antle, standing in front of Confederation Building where Premier Kathy Dunderdale's Tories last year pushed through the bill that brought new limits on what information can be made public.

"It completely restricts our right to access information and our right to know how our government is making decisions."

Antle said that if he is elected premier, he would ask the independent Information Commissioner to draft a new access to information law without influence from government ministers or the premier's office.

Antle said a new law should ensure a timely response to access requests, and would force cabinet ministers to make all Privy Council orders public.

As well, Antle wants all of the government's major agreements with others to be made public.

Meanwhile, federal MPs Scott Andrews and Scott Simms joined Antle for the platform launch, giving their endorsements to his campaign.

Newfoundland and Labrador Liberals will choose a new leader in November.

Also competing are MHAs Dwight Ball and Jim Bennett, businesswoman Cathy Bennett and former MHA Danny Dumaresque.