John Baird ran for the Liberal party in a 2009 byelection in the district of Terra Nova. ((Facebook))

Newly appointed Liberal party leader Kevin Aylward is facing his first dissident, just two days into his leadership.

CBC News has learned one Liberal candidate has decided not to run in the next provincial election because of the new leader.

Two years ago, John Baird proudly wore Liberal red in a byelection in Terra Nova.

He lost, but remained optimistic about the potential of the party in this October's election.

Now, he's bowing out.

In an email to the CBC News, Baird said he is leaving because he doesn't have faith in the party's new leader - Kevin Aylward.

"[He] does not represent the progressive vision for the Liberal Party that attracted me to seek the nomination," he wrote.

Baird has declined to do an interview or elaborate on his comments.

Aylward had very little to say about Baird's decision.

He said that in a democracy Baird has the right to change his mind about running.