A seafood business near Lewisporte that was destroyed by fire just over two weeks ago is reopening on Friday.

Treats from the Sea was levelled in less than an hour — with $50,000 worth of frozen fish and live lobster taken in the blaze.

Owners Marilyn and Everett Kinden operated the business for 14 years.

Officials said an electrical problem in a trailer caused the fire.

Marilyn Kinden said it's crucial that they get the business back up and running, even if construction is not complete.

"But we have to ... this is the peak season and we have to be open," said Kinden.

"The Father's Day weekend is this coming weekend, so we have a chance to get some revenue come in then, and be up for the summer. We've got a short season ... lobster season closes at the end of this month."


Treats from the Sea burned to the ground two weeks ago. (CBC)

Kinden said she and her husband could not have rebuilt without help from friends and family, the town of Lewisporte and the province.

"So it's just been everybody coming together ... and just rush, rush, rush."

The Kindens have remortgaged their home to pay for the new building.

Their insurance policy covered $40,000 — but the total damage is estimated at $280,000.

The couple also needs to come up with another $1,400 to pay the Norris Arm waste facility, to cover the cost of having moved the burned materials.