Lewisporte losing doctors

Two physicians in Lewisporte have put in their notice, prompting the town council to establish a committee to recruit doctors.
The town of Lewisporte in Central Newfoundland has been dealing with a shortage of doctors. (Google Maps)

The Town of Lewisporte is losing doctors.

Two of the five doctors currently practicing at a medical clinic in Lewisporte have put in their notice.

Residents in the town are so concerned about continuity of care they're forming a committee to help recruit and retain physicians. Mayor Brian Sceviour said the group plans to find out why doctors keep leaving. He added that the town will try to recruit more local doctors.

"One of the things we've discussed is being more active with Memorial University and graduating medical students, making sure they will consider coming to Lewisporte," said Sceviour.

The medical clinic serves patients of 16 communities, making this a regional issue.