A local farm in St. John's has opened up a new business venture to get people to eat locally-grown produce.

Lester's Farm on Brookfield Road opened a food truck, where staff prepare the fresh ingredients to serve from the field right to the customer.

Susan Lester said the menu items are used to help show people the versatility of vegetables that are grown in the province.

"Many Newfoundlanders, with beet, for instance, you bottle it, you pickle it, you have it with cooked dinner. Today, we have beet and goat cheese sandwich which is absolutely delicious — something that I would have never thought … but try their stuff and you will basically try things that you never would have tried before," she said.

"We are using things that are in season, so as the season goes on we'll be using a few more things. Today we just harvested carrots, so I'm sure that the girls will start to use those in their menu."

Lester said the response so far has been positive, and she hopes families will continue to visit to promote local produce and business.