It appears that Leo Crockwell, the man involved in a week long stand-off with police in Bay Bulls in 2010, will be heading home earlier than expected.

He won a victory on Thursday in a court in St. John's when a judge ruled that Crockwell should be released earlier than the May 2014 date corrections officials had calculated. 

Crockwell was taken into custody on Dec.11, 2010.

After many delays, he ultimately received a four-year sentence earlier this year.

Crockwell's lawyer argued his client should have been released this past August, if he had been given the standard credit for time served. That formula would have reduced the sentence by one-third.

The judge agreed, a decision that caught many people in the courtroom by surprise. But it's still not clear  when Crockwell will be released. 

Bill Crockwell, Leo Crockwell's brother, said given the decision, he thinks his brother should be released immediately. 

"If we did that math, it wouldn't take us too long and hopefully the system can move it to a point that they can deal with it very swiftly," said Bill Crockwell. "Why would they want to keep someone in custody who shouldn't be in there right now?" 

The lawyer representing the provincial government, Philip Osborne, said appealing the judge's ruling is an option but the final decision is up to the Department of Justice. 

Justice officials have been meeting on Thursday afternoon to decide their next move.