The sister of the man at the centre of a 2010 standoff with police in eastern Newfoundland testified that her brother assaulted her with a gun in the days before he barricaded himself in a Bay Bulls home.

Catherine Crockwell told the court that on the morning of Dec. 4, 2010, her brother — holding a rifle — questioned her about a man upstairs the night before.

Catherine Crockwell told Crown lawyer Elizabeth Ivany there was no man.

Then she said her brother asked who the man in the bathroom was.

She said she replied: "The invisible man."

In court she said, "I thought it would get a grin, but he was serious. I didn't think he was dealing in reality."  

Crockwell said she ran to the back door, opened it , and then "felt a hand shove me on the patio. He put the gun to the back of my neck."

She said she felt the round metal barrel of the gun and pushed it aside.

"He kicked me three or four times around my head and face," said Crockwell, who said afterwards her brother went back in the house and she went to a neighbour's.

She said the week before Leo Crockwell wasn't himself. She said that one time he barged into the bathroom. She yelled at him "to get out, get out." She said he put his fist in her face.

Catherine Crockwell also testified she and her mother were usually given a ride to bingo with a friend, but for some reason Leo told the man they weren't going.

In another incident, she said Leo offered to help one of her friends, but then later said, "Don't bring that German on our property."

Crockwell also said that one morning she heard a loud bang. When she came downstairs, she  realized a gunshot had been fired into a wall.

She said it could have been "accidental."

Leo Crockwell, who is representing himself in court after dismissing three lawyers, briefly cross-examined his sister Wednesday.

He asked if it was possible she had fallen when she tried to leave the home.

She replied that she felt his hand on her back and that she did not imagine it.

Crockwell faces eight charges — most related to weapons offences.

He is also accused of assaulting his sister shortly before the week-long standoff at his mother's home started in December 2010 in Bay Bulls south of St. John's.